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This writer confesses -
How I love YOU!

Here's the NEW story in the Museo Kids series on the Museums of enchanting New Mexico.

(When you visit this beautiful state, or if you live here already, let yourself be enchanted and mystified and startled by the treasures that are actually yours - and mine - in these fascinating and unique places.)

Lily Finds Frida in the Museum of Fine Arts

Twelve-year-old Lily is in trouble. She's set off an alarm clock in church, and her mother's so upset that she makes Lilly spend her Sunday in the art museum, memorizing. Suddenly punishment turns to mystery . . . The beautiful Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, who passionately painted her pain and joy after being crippled in a bus accident, communicates from inside her self-portrait, nearly scaring Lily to death.

"Life!" Frida exclaims, "How I love you!"

Lily is shocked, then angry, then flattered, then delighted, then confused. Emotions chase away her cool sense of life and she begins to literally run away from the tragedy unfolding at home, from Santa Fe Girls' School's regular pattern, and from family and friends. But suddenly with the help of Gilberto, a kind guard at the museum, she awakens. Understanding comes like an angel. Lily runs back home to embrace her sister's suffering. Racing on horseback with life and death, Lily discovers what it means to be human.

At the story's end, Lily's handsome friend, Franklin, who has done something terrible in Lily's eyes, wants to make amends. He gives an amazing gift to Lily.

Although it's not in the story, Lily sends him a letter several days after the book ends . . . To read it, click here.


Barbara with her husband, Bill, and daughter Jennifer Mammoli.

The author, under the auspices of the Department of Cultural Affairs and The Museum of New Mexico Foundation, has begun a series of books celebrating four museums:
The Museum of Fine Arts
The Museum of International Folk Art
The Museum of Indian Arts and Culture
The Palace of the Governors
Each book will show a boy's or girl's transformation by finding the knowledge, wonder and the magnificence of life revealed in a museum.

BARBARA BEASLEY MURPHY knows that great museums trasform kids' lives. That's why Miguel - a bullied, undocumented, Mexican kid - finds not only safety in the Palace of the Governor's, the history museum in Santa Fe, but also finds the key to his belonging in New Mexico.

She has written books for young adults and younger children for 30 years. She has won the Zia Award for MIGUEL, the Christopher Award for THE NEW YORK KID'S BOOK, and a fellowship to the Breadloaf Writers Conference. A graduate of UNC, she is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, The Authors Guild, The New Mexico Book Association and The New Mexico Women's Forum.